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Patrick "Beautiful women look up and smile at me as I walk by"

"Before, I couldn't get near other people without feeling intensely awkward and in the process making others uncomfortable. I've started sustaining more conversations and even flexed my intellectual muscles a bit more. In the past I would hesitated to speak about my passions, work, and hobbies but, now I realize it’s interesting and can keep a conversation afloat. 

Some of my experiences have been amazing and unbelievable to my previous self… Now I have women approaching me. I have beautiful woman look up and smile at me as I walked by. I much more comfortable with myself and I walk with confidence and I think people can feel it coming off of me. I feel much more secure in myself and ready to put myself out there more. I noticed I am feeling much more confident and worry less about outcomes. In the past I cared so much about the way others viewed me and put a lot of weight on every interaction/outcome.

Jonathan "His advice works so well!"

"First off, the coaches experience is significant as they have been there and done that but more importantly know what will work best for you and your personality

Most coaches will try to make you into something you are not and you end up losing yourself in the process and get into relationships that you aren’t happy about to begin with.

Adam breaks it down step by step and gives you 3 different viewpoints of each aspect - and with the mini day to day action steps once combined will make you the type of individual that everyone in the room wants to talk to and be with

As someone who is working towards building their own global consulting firm this program is huge as a lot of times I am in communication with people I’ve never met and over the phone and been able to build a connection and help them with their challenges. 

I now know who I want to be, the type of girl I want to be with and build on a relationship that is fulfilling mentally, sexually and spiritually. "
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